Track & improve your employee’s productivity.


Clevork is for team leaders, managers & company owners. Thanks to Clevork they can gain a clear & detailed overview about the activities of their employees. This can be used for optimization of internal processes, generating of time-sheets or attendance and increase in effectivity & the overall company revenue.


kfb-cinkaOne activity — one click

Launch new activity by pushing the button. Stop by pushing it again. Clevork is designed to deactivate ongoing time-tracking automatically when you push a new button. Simple as that.

kfb-cinka Your phone- your remote control

Clevork for smartphones uses free Android and iOS apps to speed up your time tracking

kfb-cinka Track time anywhere

All time entries are synced between your computer, smartphone or tablet. The only time you will be offline is in a bunker with no Wifi or network coverage. And even then we have a solution – hours tracked offline are synced once you’re back online.

kfb-cinka Divide teams into user groups

One administrator can watch over data and assign different permissions to different users. Predefine hundreds of activities & set up filters. That way your teams and clients see only what is necessary.

kfb-cinka Read from beautiful timelines

Get instant overview of daily, weekly or monthly performance with easy-to-read visual timelines. You just switch between views on your dashboard.
That's it.

kfb-cinka Powerful statistics

Download graphs, tables & reports as XLS spreadsheets or PDF files. Simple export will make your reporting a piece of cake.

kfb-cinka Online attendance terminal

As a bonus, Clevork can also connect to your existing attendance terminal and help collect data. Your employees start “punching-in” online straight away. Also, it works with SAP (or similar) systems.

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