With graphical touch screen display and intergrated ID card reader


Information terminal KFB xTerminal is universal device for information distribution and data collection. It was created thanks to many years of experience with time & attendance, access and information systems, as reaction to the ever expanding needs of our clients. It is an open system, that will not restrict the customer either by permanently programmed functionality, inefficiency, neither memory capacity.


kfb-cinkaCollection of attendance data

− attendance data records − attendance reasons defined by customer
− display of employees attendance data
− display of defined information for specific employees (balance, vacation, etc.)
− cooperation with attendance evaluation system without need of using another software or hardware
− cooperation with SAP system

kfb-cinkaInformation terminal

− display information to employees and clients
− company announcements, newsletter, bus schedules, etc.
− collection of information, poll box − services commissioning

kfb-cinkaAccess control system, security system

− control of security system
− terminal can simultaneously be used to open doors for authorized cardholders

kfb-cinkaCatering system

− food ordering by employees
− handling of expenditure place

kfb-cinkaControl of technological processes

− use of terminal as control panel of the technological process with operator identification by ID card
− control panel for HVAC, operator workstations for industry

kfb-cinkaFunctionality defined by customer

− system is open and it is possible to add the required functions
− possibility to install third party software for additional functionality

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