Borealis AG

Borealis AG Burghausen PP6 Plant, Chemical Plant, 2006-2007

Koncový užívateľ:Borealis AG, Burghausen
Zákazník:Invensys Systems NV (NL)
Krajina:Netherlands, Germany
Popis projektu:New polypropylene plant (5000 I/O)
Projektový HW / SW:DCS Foxboro I/A (IACC, FoxView), Triconex Tricon SIS
Detaily projektu:IACC Control Database, Special Control Loops, I/A DCS Sequence process control, SFC software and IACC IDE, Tricon SIS FUPs implementation, Triconex Tricon communication with I/A Foxboro, FAT, loop check, commissioning