CRVC - machine designed to collect visitor cards

A card collector is a machine designed to collect visitor cards when leaving the area. One of the biggest advantages is it’s capability of collecting cards with plastic cover, clip and a lanyard.

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A card collector

CRVC01 can process a card in two ways:

  1. the machine automatically „swallows“ the card when the visitor is leaving the building/area
  2. thanks to signals from built in reader the device can distinguish whether it should eject the card or accept it

Main benefits:

  • fast and secure collection of cards (12-15 cards per minute)
  • can accumulate up to 150 collected cards
  • collects cards in a plastic case, with a lanyard and a clip
  • supports most cards according to built-in reader
  • duo-chrome luminous LED display with clear pictograms
  • tone bleep
  • cooperation with access system, tourniquets and bars
Zberač kartie CRVC

Possible use

Companies, corporations, public buildings, parking lots

  • departure of visitors
  • cars leaving an area
  • access control in combination with access devices


  • the machine is planted into a stainless steel cabinet with dimensions of  1000x550x250mm – can be made in different dimensions
  • the thickness of the cabinet’s material is 1mm
  • surface finish: anticorrosive surface, glazed stainless steel
  • degree of protection:
  • the space for mechanics of the machine- IP20
  • the space for the card accumulator- IP54

The cabinet is divided into two sections:

  • the space for mechanics of the machine
  • the space for the card accumulator

There is a multifunctional display and an opening for cards in the top part.

Electrical parameters:

  • power supply: 12V
  • device ready for operation: 170mA
  • processing of the card by the device: 700mA
  • peak current: 1,2 A
  • recommended power supply: 12V / 2A

Dimensions of the visitor cards

  • Card with a plastic cover with an opening for a clip: 62x105mm
  • The length of a lanyard for the cover: max 450mm

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