eVstupy - Registration - evidence and governing of cards

Web application intended for registration and evidence of cards for externists and visitors.

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eVstupy is an application for evidence of externs, vehicles, laptops, short-term employment, visits and requests for PR visits. It significantly shortens the waiting lines at the entrance (at the lobby, reception desk) upon prior registration of application for entrance of people and their ID cards, visits, equipment and material before entering the company. By controlling documents needed to enter, perform an activity or deliver material it oversees responsibility for any damage or accident caused by the person who has a right to access the building or perform an activity. In addition, it allows you to generate import forms with support of a program MRS-Exports.


The Web page allows a complete management of entries, identification cards for external companies and visitors according to defined rights and ways of signing in. To gain access, a registration is necessary. The Web interface eVstupy works in a way Registration -> approval process of application form -> approval/disapproval from the company (or a person responsible/department)

Riešenie eVstupy


  • less paperwork and mistakes made connected to paperwork
  • overview of the movements of external employees
  • overview of training validity, work qualification
  • overview of visits, excursions, PR visits
  • overview of car entry approval
  • management and detailed evidence of ID cards

Reference for web application is available for preview https://evstupy.kia.sk

I am interested in the eVstupy solution.

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