Software xManager - analysis of time & attendance events
management of attendane terminals

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xManager – application created by team of company KFB Control ltd. serves for advanced management of time and attendance data. Application can be easily intergrated to existing intranet environment and can use existing authentication data.


Recording of employee working hours and his utilization in specific activities / projects. Time events are collected from attendance terminals, or manually inserted. The application is supplied and directly cooperates with xTerminal, but can also work with third-party attendance terminals. Its main advantages are:

  • information about working time on the front page
  • templates used for quick start and stop of activities
  • definition of attendance plans and activities
  • time analysis of activities in form of reports or charts
  • expandability according to customer’s requests
  • flexible personal data import, SAP interconnectivity
  • multilingual support on system
  • clearly definable access rights, integrated authentication
Software xManager - Sofistikovaná analýza časových udalostí a správa dochádzkových terminálov


Activities module is intended for recording and analysis of jobs and tasks peformed by employees during working hours. Activity is any project, internal job, task, or any other time quantifiable activity in company.

At the beginning employee opens template or creates new activity. After activity is finished or interrupted, is ongoing activity stopped. Current activity is automatically stopped also by starting any new activity. It is possible to create activity plans, or create past activity, in case that emplyee had no opportunity or time to do so. Output of the module is the analysis of time spent on individual activities.


Attendance module is intended for recording of attendance data, which can be entered manually or collected automatically from attendance terminals. Using combination of Entry and Exit transactions with or without reasons, the system creates time & attendance pairs and calculates the working time. Matter of course is using of attendance plans and definable reasons, including holidays, vacations, business trips, internal reasons atc. Module automatically generates time pairs for missing transactions and prepare them for authorized personnel approval. Out of collected data it is possible to generate reports and export data to third-party systems such as SAP. Module is used also for xTerminal attendance terminals control.


Module serves for registration of inquiries. It allows to create a demand and then track its status changes through the application and e-mails. Attachments can be added and it is possible to  track changes in enquiry, link it to another enquiry, assign it to employees, or create separate  communication thread. Record is made about history of enquiry and about activities performed.

Cash Register

The module is intended for registration of cash and credit card transactions with a possibility to specify the type of transaction, person, purpose, amount and VAT. In the case of cash transactions the module automatically calculates the balances of specific cashier and is able to create an inventory report with a number of notes and coins.

Additional modules

  • EXTRA – special evaluation and planning of attendance, combination of positive and negative evidence, SAP
  • XTR – automated reporting regarding to customer’s requirements
  • XTC – mass assignment of access rights for terminals, based on SAP settings or organizational structure
  • XTP – iintelligent time pairs closing using additional external source of time data
  • zTR – time data analysis for special groups of employees, based on organizational structure
  • XVR – visitor preregistration, reception management link
It is possible to create another modules regarding to customer’s requirements

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