Matrikon - OPC / OPC UA Comunication

As the sole distributor of MatrikonOPC products for Slovakia we are offering you software solutions for communication between various devices based on OPC specifications such as DA, HDA and A&E. OPC communication is the generally accepted standard and is independent from other devices and its distributors.

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Matrikon - PLC


You will aquire a robust industrially resistable connectivity and training courses for all of your PLC needs, everything from one distributor.

Matrikon - DSC


Simply integrate the new hardware in your existing system with a series of Matrikon servers for DCS.

Matrikon - automatizácia budov

Building automation

Easily consolidate all data from building  control systems with the help of well-tried Matrikon technology.

Matrikon - Telemetria


With little eeffort connect multiple devices or protocols and accomplish a reliable flow of data immediately after installation.

Matrikon - Turbíny


Simply put, no distributor in the industry today can not propose a wider offer than Matrikon. Our products are our passion and we have put effort the production of OPC servers for our turbine controll units, which are not only robust, but also fulfilling our strict/high standards of ensuring quality.

Matrikon - Historian


The access to historical data through OPC has never been easier than with the world’s largest collection of OPC HDA servers. Companies all over the world are eager to find other magical metrics, which would change their way of doing business. Why not gain an easier access to your company’s data via the Matricon OPC HDA server collection.


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