MRS - export and import forms evidence

MRS – Material removal System is an application, that is intended to provide evidence of export and import company forms.

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MRS solution is saving expanses and the environment

Thanks to application MRS- Material Removal System, competent users are able to create, change and control export and import forms for logistic purposes. Data about created forms and their current state are sent to a server and to people assigned to authorize them. After successful authorization, the product can be loaded, checked and dispatched. The main benefit of MRS is to eliminated paperwork that comes with export and import materials.

More benefits:

  • Effectivity
  • Clarity in evidence
  • Overview of people involved in the process
  • Inputs from external source SAP
  • Access from web
  • Synchronizationand sharing of entries
  • Automatic text message and email sending (via Gate)
Riešenie MRS | Evidencia vývozných a dovozných formulárov


The whole process consists of following steps:

  1. Creation of export form
  2. Authorization
  3. Loading the goods into a truck
  4. Check at the gate

Web page

  • allows you to create, view, change and export the export forms
  • allows you to view and export the import forms far the administrator
  • allows you to send PIN via email or text message
  • allows you to change system settings far the administrator
  • a possibility to work with a program Gate, text message part-view sent messages, received messages, messages to be sent and also send them to a specific recipient
  • in Slovak and English

Desktop application

  • allows you to create, view, change and export the export forms
  • searching in forms and sorting or filtering them according to different parameters
  • allows you a control and overwriting the cards
  • allows you to send PIN via email or text message
  • in Slovak and English

Tablet application

  • allows you to search far forms by placing a card or put in PIN
  • allows you to change state of import and export forms
  • only in Slovak

Windows service

  • doing defined jobs and generating reports (f.e. a list of export forms entered, approved and exported by the same person) in constant intervals

I am interested in the MRS solution.

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