xFuel - management of exploitation and the state of fossil fuels / propellants

An application to manage exploitation and the state of fossil fuels / propellants

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A device for companies with their own gasoline pumps for pumping fuel. lt is for evidence of pumping fuel, temperature of reservoirs and sending reports and warning emails as well as the evidence of history of all the changes in cooperation with external software for controlling gasoline pumps and attendance systems from which they acquire information about persona! and vehicle cards.


User interface

User Interface realized through a web page shows all the information from xFuel, allows configuring certain parts of it and document pumping fuel. According to login rights, there is access to standard data for common users or to more detailed data and configuration for the administrator.

Riešenie xFuel | Aplikácia na správu čerpania a stavu pohonných hmô

lnformation about pumping

fuel from the gasoline pumps are imported in regular intervals via import software module. Regular sending of messages via email about the remaining amount of fuel in the gasoline pumps as well as sending waring emails about low fuel level.

lnformation about personal and vehicle cards

with all the needed information are exported in regular intervals via export software module into the attendance system.

Control service

  • regular check and entry of temperature in a reservoir (because of counting of volume of the fuel). A warning email will be sent in case of a problem.

Report service

Regular control of records. According to settings it generates two types of reports:

  • high average consumption
  • pumping fuel with a vehicle card that does not belong to the person using it

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