Terminal Preciso

Terminal with graphic touch screen and integrated ID card reader

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What is Preciso?

Information terminal Preciso is a universal appliance for information distribution and data collection. It was created on basis of longtime experience working with attendance, access and informational systems as a reaction to constant expansion of needs of our customers. It is an open system which wont limit the customer with non-adjustable programmed functionality, lack of power or memory capacity.

Attendance data collection:

  • evidence of clock-ins and clock-outs
  • evidence of defined reasons for interruption of work hours
  • displaying attendance transactions by an employee
  • displaying specific information for employees (remaining days off)
  • cooperation with attendance evaluation systems
  • cooperation with SAP system
Terminál Preciso

Info terminal

  • displaying information for employees and clients
  • company announcements, newsletter, bus timetables
  • information collecting, poll box
  • ordering services

Access system, security system

  • control of security system
  • opening doors by authorized people only

Catering system

  • ordering food by employees
  • operation of distribution spot

Control of technological process

  • usage of terminal as a control panel of a technological process with an identification by ID card
  • control panel MaR, HVAC, process control room

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