xBus - effective traveling expanses and vehicle location monitoring

The monitoring of employee travel expenses and the location of vehicle park

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xBus – application created by team of KFB Control Ltd. is intended for tracking of employees travel expenses, tracking of the position of vehicles and evaluation of collected data. It is possible to integrate the application to existing intranet and to use integrated authentication.


Based on tracking of vehicles used for employees transportation. Data transmission is real-time over GSM network. Application in every moment knows position of vehicles, route, occupation and delay to schedule. This information is shown to approved personnel via intranet pages. Alarm state can be reported by email or SMS. Reports are created on regular basis and they are sent to dedicated personnel or departments for travel expenses evaluation.

Riešenie xBus - Sledovanie cestovných nákladov a pozície vozidiel

Main advantages:

  • direct overview of recent data and statuses
  • possibility to define criterions for alarm states
  • evaluation of expenses of base employees and external companies
  • customizable and expandable regarding to customer’s demands
  • flexible import, cooperation with EBI, SAP, other 3rd party
  • multilingual system
  • exact access rights, integrated autentication

In-vehicle system

There is a GPS device in each vehicle. Device is scanning vehicle‘s position and sending it to the server through GSM connection. Server automatically evaluates vehicle line, if these lines and schedules are defined in system.

The used device is chosen to fulfill customer‘s demands. Part of the hardware installation is also ID tag reader. The most technologies currently on the market (RFID, Mifare, Legic, etc.) are supported. The passenger in the vehicle makes a transaction on ID tag reader, with his standard Access tag. This transaction is sent together with the time stamp and position to the server, where it is stored in the database.

Intranet and web access

Approved person is able to view all necessary information through intranet web pages.


  • vehicle position on the map
  • lines assignment
  • occupancy of vehicles
  • vehicle delays
  • shift delays in case of known cost centers
  • lines definition
  • administration module with enhanced configuration
  • integrated domain authentication

It is possible to use any maps, regarding to customers needs. As default, Open Street Maps are used. Solution is installed on customers servers, data transfer is through secure VPN connection to achieve high security.


In defined time schedules system creates reports, necessary for further processing of collected records. Reports are sent also to the defined email addresses.

  • daily vehicle report (distance traveled, occupancy)
  • monthly employees report
  • monthly external companies report

As a special type of reports there are automatic anouncements about delays via email or SMS.

  • xBus application is customizable regarding to customers‘ demands. It is open for new modules and functionality.

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