Software Watch Accuracy will count your watches´ daily average aberrance

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Are you interested in knowing how accurate your watches are? Watch Accuracy will find out. lt counts the daily average aberrance from the measured data.


Thanks to the application Watch Accurancy, you can track the daily average aberrance of your favorite watch fast and comfortably. After the initialisation, the camera on your device will turn on and then you just document your watch. Measured data will be saved in your own profile and the abberance will be counted afterwards. The bigger the interval between each measurement, the bigger the accurancy ofthe conclusion. Application is in these languages: slovak, czech and english.

Main advantages:

  • Easyly controllable
  • More profiles far each watch
  • Showing and editing of each measurement
Software Watch Accuracy

More app options

  • Sending the measured data to your email adress
  • Option of setting the timer while taking the picture
  • Apossibility to use far a time measurement rfom NTP server
  • a possibility to chamge the camera regime in the app

Many supported types of clock faces:

Množstvo podporovaných typov ciferníkov:

  • Centre – second (12h)
  • Small seconds hand (12h)
  • Without seconds hand (12h)
  • Centre – second (24h)
  • Small seconds hand (24h)
  • Without seconds hand (24h)

Technical demands

  • Android in version 3 (Gingerbread) and newer
  • camera
Software Watch Accuracy - Galéria

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