Complex Solutions

Effective solutions for evidence of export and import forms and monitoring employees travel expenses and positions of fleet stock. A comprendious/clear evidence of externists, wagons, notebooks, short term settings, visits and PR visit requests.

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Riešenia XStrava


 Nutrition / Food – a module file of Clevork applications. Its purpose is to order, manage and distribute food for employees.  It works as an individual module or an integrated component of the attendance system, included in the KFB Control s.r.o’s portfolio.

Riešenia Xtransport


xTransport: Access control scaner solution with its reach up to 10m. The solution can be used for contact less door opening in offices, hospitals, even for contact less gate opening in industrial zones and other fenced premises.

Riešenia Evstupy


eEntry (eVstupy) is an application for evidence of externists, wagons, notebooks, short term settings, visits and PR visit requests. It significantly shortens the entry waiting period, (at the lodge, reception) based on previous registration, people’s entry requests and their ID cards, visits, devices and materials before facility entry.

Riešenia XBus


xBus is monitoring employee’s travel expenses, vehicle location and analysing of collected data. xBus can be to easily integrated into internet while utilizeing existing log in data.

Riešenia MRS


The main function of MRS is eliminating the paper form of import and export materials.  With the help of MRS application – Material Removal System approved users can quickly and effectively create,  change or control  import and export forms for logistics purposes.

Riešenia Sensuite Gate

Sensuite Gate

A functional interface facilitating sending SMS and email messages to specific recipients, recipient groups implied by the application eEntry and MRS exports. eEntry is an application for evidence of externists, wagons and notebooks. MRS Exports application is for evidence of export and import company forms.

Riešenia XFuel


A tool for firms with their own stands for fuel exploitation. It provides evidence of fuel exploitation, fuel extracting, tank temperature and sending reports and warning emails with change history evidence cooperating with the external software  intended to control pumping / petrol stations, and an attendance system collecting data from personal and vehicle cards.


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