Module of random turnstile checks (MNK)

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Electronic device design for random passage control of entry-exist turnstiles according to set probability for random control of people passing through.

MNK - modul náhodnej kontroly turniketov

Module of random checks (MNK)

Is for stopping people while passing through turnstiles for the purpose of their random check.

Random check is initiated by prohibiting any pass through the turnstile and it is signalized visually by lights as well as acoustically at the same time. By connecting the module to the access system, you can record the possible checks performed on people automatically on the basis of data on the ID card of the employee who was randomly chosen by the system.

Probability of stoppage

Is controlled by turning a controller on the front side of the device. By setting up the probability you set an amount of passes through the turnstiles from which one will be randomly chosen and stopped. You can set the probability and change it any time, while the amount of passes can be set to 5-105 (that means 1% ± 25%).

The time span of closing the turnstile, acoustic and visual signalization

  • Can be set on the front panel of the device even when it’s operating. The span of settings is 0,5 -15 seconds.
  • Algorithm of closures of more turnstiles is accommodated, so that no more than 1 turnstile will be blocked at the same time. One module can control up to 4 turnstiles.

I am interested in Module of random turnstile checks - MNK.

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