xTransport - access long-range scanner control

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Contactless opening of doors and gates in a modern standard. To prevent entry of undesirable persons, vehicles into facility while providing quick and easy entry for recognised persons.

By installing scanners with the xTransport control system you are providing the reliable contactless identification of vehicles and persons.

  • Contactless door opening in offices or healthcare/ hospital departments
  • Contactless gate opening in industrial zones and other bordered areas.

The electronic access system unlocks and opens gateways only after successful recognition. Thanks to the newest RFID UHF technology the vehicle recognition range is up to 10 meters, which boldly speeds up transport through gateways.

xTransport – kontrola prístupu čítačkami s dlhým dosahom

5 main advantages of the xTransport application

  • practical contactless time-saving access control
  • Affordable solution
  • a broad portfolio of UHF scanners and tags intended for different uses
  • vehicle identification/ recognition range up to 10 meters and velocity of 200 km/h
  • easily integrated into other systems, such as . Dormakaba Exos or Dormakaba MatrixDormakaba Exos or Dormakaba Matrix
xTransport - ako to funguje

How does xTransport work

Access control using scanners with the xTransport application works on simple principles. The electronic lock included in gateways and doorways will be deactivated, if the person or vehicle is recognized by the access system.

You can choose from multiple identifications (tags):

  • A window sticker for vehicles (if needed with a sabotage protection and individual print)
  • UHF card
  • UHF combined card (RFID UHF + MIFARE/LEGIC and other)
  • UHF TAG for outside installation and so called HEAVY-DUTY TAG for vehicles and industrial usage


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